NFTease Signs Model and Actress Hailee Lautenbach

NFTease, a decentralized app (dApp) built with the Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain blockchain networks, has announced their latest creator that will be joining their exclusive NFT marketplace. Hailee Lautenbach (@haileebobailee), the Playboy Spring 2021 playmate will be joining the NFTease platform to launch some of her exclusive content as an ‘NFT’ (Non-Fungible-Token). Hailee’s NFT’s will be available for purchase on the platform in ‘TEASE’ token, a proprietary token of the platform that rewards it’s users through sales, and transactions.

NFTease allows creators to interact and engage with their fanbase by providing creators the opportunity to sell their content exclusively as an NFT. Much like the ever-popular ‘OnlyFans,’ NFTease aims to keep sensitive content hidden until a buyer has made a transaction to unlock the content. Creators will also be able to attach offline content to their NFT, such as a facetime or private phone call, which will allow fans to engage and interact with their favorite creator on a more personal level.

Once an NFT is purchased on the platform, a transaction is created on the blockchain, creating an immutable record of purchase, and granting fans access to their digital products in a resilient manner that is verifiable on the blockchain.

“Our primary goal is empowering creators to have better control and ownership of their content.” explains Devin M, co-founder of NFTease. “This is why we’ve done something new in the NFT content space by allowing our creators to hide their content until it is purchased. This is something that our creators love, and has shown us that empowering creators is the recipe for success in this industry.”

Earlier this week, NFTease announced it’s re-worked roadmap, which shares the goals and objectives of the team.

“NFTease has long-term plans and goals to breach into the mainstream market. Our primary goal is to create an NFT marketplace with high transactional volume that is focused around adult content creators.” said Tyler, NFTease co-founder. “We believe that Blockchain technology is the future, and bringing on large creators like Hailee is incredibly encouraging to see that this vision is shared.”

About NFTease

NFTease is a decentralized app platform that focuses on adult-based content served as non-fungible-tokens. NFTease offers creators a space to freely create exclusive content and list it for sale as an NFT. It provides its users access to exciting and influential creators, as well as de-fi tools to reward participants in the marketplace.

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