NFTease Recovery

On Fri, Jun 04, 2021 NFTease Token officially relaunched successfully. Because of a bug in our last contract, and the 1 year liquidity lock, we had to regenerate liquidity and airdrop previous holders their balances. If you were airdropped, you can safely remove the old contract address from your wallet as these tokens will no longer serve a purpose or use — and might cause some confusion given the new contracts same name! This time around, we’re fully audited and our code is secure. You can checkout our audit here:

In 1 years time when the liquidity lock expires from the V1 contract, a migration of liquidity will take place where we will add the 691 bnb into the new contract. Alternatively, we are also looking into using this BNB to generate a pool on a new exchange.

We are ramping things up on our end and starting our process of publically releasing. Soon, we’ll be targeting influencers and socialites who can bring more publicity to the platform and showcase our built-out functionality. Things are still in the early stages, but as of right now creators can mint & sell NFT’s! There is a lot more coming as well.

Here’s a breakdown of the transactions that took place:


In order to bring value back to our previous holders in the V1 Contract that is effectively broken, we needed to retain a copy of their transactions that took place. Luckily, the blockchain and services like ‘BSCScan’ make this easy to trace. Over the course of a week, we ensured that every holder was accounted for and received their final balance based off of transactions as well as an additional 10% because of the missed reflections.

If your airdrop hasn’t shown up in your wallet, ensure you have the new contract address added! 0x6A32234F565D657E069B14D8CDC4676321458D57

Final list of all airdropped previous holders from our V1 Contract:

Batch 1:

Batch 2:

Batch 3:

Batch 4:

Batch 5:

Batch 6:

Batch 7:

Batch 8:

Batch 9:

Batch 10:

Batch 11:

Batch 12:

Batch 13:

Liquidity Addition:

We used the unlocked LP from our previous contracts presale (~230 BNB), and added it into the new contract to provide a more substantial price floor. In total, 200 BNB was added, with 30 BNB being withheld for business expenses and marketing purposes. The 200 BNB additions were staggered over the course of a day as to not increase bots and sniping opportunities.

50 BNB added (1):

50 BNB added (2):

50 BNB added (3):

50 BNB added (4):

Proof of LP Token locks:

The 200 BNB added was securely locked by UniCrypt’s locker protocol. This ensures that we are not able to remove the added 200 BNB worth of liquidity until December 05, 2021. This lock will be renewed in 6 months time.

Thank you to all of our supporters and community members for getting over this hurdle with us. We are pleased to have executed our relaunch strategy successfully, and we will now be shifting our efforts into building out our business and showing the world what we have to offer!